Elementary and Middle School Teacher Positions – Longmont, CO

Elementary and Middle School Teacher Positions – Longmont, CO

Job Overview

Job Title: Elementary and Middle School Teacher Positions
School: Rocky Mountain Christian Academy
Hours: Full-Time
School Year: 2021 – 2022
Grade Level: Multiple
Subjects: Mulitple

School Details

School Name: Rocky Mountain Christian Academy
Address: 9447 Niwot Road, Niwot, CO 80503
Contact Phone: 303.652.9162
Contact Email: careers@rmcaonline.org


Rocky Mountain Christian Academy is a school community dedicated to inspiring students to a lifelong passionate pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty, and equipping them to impact their world for Christ. Since 1998, RMCA has provided a transformative educational experience to families with Preschool-8th grade students in the north Denver metro area. Find our more by visiting our website, www.rmcaonline.org.


RMCA is a growth-minded school that focuses on cultivating the whole person of each child and adult in our community. We work with teachers and parents to help each child grow in his or her relationships, habits, and character through a wide range of studies.


RMCA is a member of Ambleside Schools International (www.amblesideschools.com), an association of U.S. and international schools inspired by the educational philosophy of educator Charlotte Mason. Ambleside assists RMCA through ongoing professional growth for each staff member. Our goal is to help each teacher reach toward their potential as a learner, teacher, and disciple of Christ.


We are currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

  • Middle School Homeroom teacher with an emphasis on 6th-8th math, including Pre-Algebra and Algebra I, science, and a few inspirational subjects; full-time
  • Elementary homeroom teacher, with an emphasis on Ambleside’s whole-person inspirational and disciplinary subjects, excluding specialists
These positions include the following general responsibilities:
  • Cultivate students' relationships with studies, people, and God
  • Serve with colleagues to promote whole person education for each student
  • Assist parents in helping students grow in character, habit, and skills
  • Continue one’s personal and professional growth as a learner and disciple
Information about our Area:

Less than an hour from world-class alpine skiing and even closer for hiking, climbing, camping, and cross-country skiing, RMCA is strategically located in a beautiful region with many opportunities to enjoy God’s creation for four seasons. Our climate is relatively mild with an annual average 300 days of sunshine, mild and dry summers and winters with typically ‘just the right amount’ of snow in the winter months. With Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park both less than an hour away, our area is uniquely situated for the best of the urban environment and outdoors.


These positions include the following job requirements:
  • Be in agreement with RMCA’s Statement of Faith
  • Be active in a local church
  • Be in agreement with the school's Ambleside philosophy of education
  • Have earned an educational or complementary degree (B.A. or B.S.)
  • Enjoy working with children in an academic setting
  • Possess a growth mindset for one's self and students
  • Be a role model of spiritual and academic ability and leadership

How to Apply

  1. Contact us at careers@rmcaonline.org or 303.652.9162 to send your resume or cv and ask any questions about our school and the position.
  2. Spend time on our school website and Ambleside’s website to find out more about our distinctive educational philosophy and practice.
  3. Complete and send an application (available upon request).
  4. Schedule an interview (in-person and/or virtual) with the principal.
  5. Schedule a tour of the school, meeting other staff, and possibly teach one or more classes.
  6. Complete decision-making process. Our goal is to complete hiring for all positions by May.
Online Application Link: N/A
Application Email: careers@rmcaonline.org
Application PDF Download: N/A
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Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.

Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.