Executive Director – Niwot, CO

Executive Director – Niwot, CO

Job Overview

Job Title: Executive Director
School: Rocky Mountain Christian Academy
Hours: Full-Time
School Year: Currently Recruiting

School Details

School Name: Rocky Mountain Christian Academy
Address: 9447 Niwot Road, Niwot, CO 80503
Contact Phone: 303.652.9162
Contact Email: careers@rmcaonline.org


School Profile. Founded in 1997 and located in Niwot, Colorado. RMCA is an accredited, K-8 primary school organized as a Colorado non-profit corporation. The school’s foundational principles and mission are as follows:
  • We are a Christ-centered school where Jesus is taught, honored and experienced.
  • We are a member school of Ambleside Schools International (ASI). Ambleside schools foster education renewal based on the philosophy and practice of legacy educator, Charlotte Mason.
  • We provide what Charlotte Mason referred to as a “living education,” where each child is exposed to a rich and rigorous curriculum in an atmosphere that is engaging and meaningful.
  • Our primary concern pertains to the kind of student each child is becoming.

  From our mission statement:

    Rocky Mountain Christian Academy is a classically-inspired school community where education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, and a Life. We are dedicated to inspiring students to a lifelong passionate pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty, and equipping them to impact their world for Christ.

  Position Overview.

    Executive Director is responsible to help set and maintain institutional stability, integrity, and accountability. RMCA has a stable financial model and the Executive Director will work with the RMCA Board through the school’s governance model to lead operations of RMCA.


    Key responsibilities include managing and accomplishing the implementation of all instructional and operational aspects of the school in compliance with the policy and budgetary guidelines established by the Board, the curriculum and training provided by ASI and RMCA’s foundation as a Christ-centered, Charlotte Mason school.


    Spiritual Leadership. The Executive Director is responsible for both personal testimony to and good spiritual leadership of the RMCA staff. As such, he or she shall:

    • Have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior
    • Seek to maintain unity of the Spirit within the RMCA community
    • Promote the spiritual growth of the faculty, staff, and students
    • Be a daily example of Christian virtue serving as a Christian role model
    • Be an active member in good standing with a local church whose fundamental beliefs are in accordance with the RMCA Statement of Faith
    • Agree without reservation to the RMCA Statement of Faith

      Organizational Leadership. The Executive Director is charged to:

    • Develop and maintain budget per fiscal year
    • Maintain cash flow expectations and funding levels in bank accounts
    • Provide the executive board financial documents each month
    • Prepares for annual audit with board treasurer, accountant, and auditors
    • Direct fundraising efforts including developing annual events, connecting with current and potential donors, and processing/disbursing donations
    • Maintains excellent industry standards for office policies and projects
    • Develop and manage campus enhancement/capital campaign plans
    • Assist office administrator and other delegated personnel on marketing plans
    • Oversee employment and personnel issues, including processing employment documents, background checks, compliance, etc.
    • Provide stewardship and discernment relative to family tuition issues and concerns including issues related to scholarships and account standing
    • Serve as point-person with campus host, Rocky Mountain Christian Church (RMCC) facilities and ministry personnel to maintain and develop shared-campus use
    • Collaborate with security consultant to maintain and develop use of security policies, measures, and on-going training
    • Assist with ongoing accreditation and affiliation efforts with ACSI and ASI, respectively
    • Serve as a spokesperson for RMCA to parents, supporters, and the community

      Growth Oriented: RMCA has long had a desire to expand and add a high school. The Executive Director is responsible for working with the board on developing a growth plan.


These positions include the following job requirements:
  • Be in agreement with RMCA’s Statement of Faith
  • Be active in a local church
  • Be in agreement with the school's Ambleside philosophy of education
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 5+ years experience leadership in a non-profit organization (Christ-centered vision preferred)
  • 5+ years experience as an educational administrator
  • 5+ years experience in management/leadership of financial processes (e.g. accountancy, human resources, fundraising, development, etc)

  Preferred Qualifications: The following qualifications are desired but not required when applying for the position of Executive Director at RMCA:

  • 5+ years experience in donor relationship management and stewardship for a nonprofit organization
  • 5+ years experience in Charlotte Mason and/or classical Christian educational philosophy

How to Apply

  1. Contact us at careers@rmcaonline.org or 303.652.9162 to send your resume or cv and ask any questions about our school and the position.
  2. Spend time on our school website and Ambleside’s website to find out more about our distinctive educational philosophy and practice.
  3. Complete and send an application (available upon request).
Application Email: careers@rmcaonline.org
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Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.

Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.