Math Teacher – McLean, VA

Math Teacher – McLean, VA

Job Overview

Job Title: Math Teacher
School: Ambleside School McLean
Hours: Full-Time
School Year: 2022 – 2023
Grade Level:
Subjects: Math

School Details

School Name: Ambleside School McLean
Address: 8980 Brook Road McLean, VA 22201
Contact Phone: 703-430-4034
Contact Email:


An Ambleside® Mathematics Teacher is first and foremost a lover of Jesus Christ, children and knowledge. Within this relational context, the Math Teacher is responsible to set and maintain a positive (high-joy), inspirational, and peacefully authoritative atmosphere in and out of the classroom. Every day the Teacher is to instruct, expect, uphold, shepherd and specifically train students in “the habits of the good life” (students’ ways of relating to work and persons). Through provided ongoing training, regular observation and feedback, study and practice, the Teacher is to become highly skilled in the Ambleside® “method of a lesson” in mathematics instruction. The Teacher is to master the breadth and depth of the mathematics curriculum, upholding a rigorous standard of quality and quantity of student-produced work. In a broad sense, the Math Teacher also represents the school in and out of the classroom and acts on behalf of the school by professionally and warmly interacting with all students, parents, Teachers, staff and visitors. The Math Teacher reports to the Principal and/or other designated senior-level leadership staff.



Personal Qualities


Spiritually mature in Christ, service and other-oriented, teachable, loving towards all persons (especially children), joyful, peaceful in/under authority, psychologically strong, growth-oriented, patient, hungry to know and share knowledge, intelligent, thorough, punctual, flexible, collegial, articulate, enthusiastic; proficient in math knowledge and skill at level appropriate to position/course(s).





Duties include but are not limited to:


• Establishing and pursuing positive relationships and communication with each student and parent in their class, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of each


• Preparing and maintaining an optimal classroom atmosphere (physical and relational) according to Ambleside® standards and leading children in the proper care of curriculum materials, classroom furniture, and school property


• Adhering to Ambleside® philosophy and practice and faithfully following the provided ASI curriculum, resources and standards for student work


• Tracking and reporting student progress in all academic work and relationships, assisting in areas of weakness through after school tutoring, meetings (with the principal and/or parents) as needed


• Ensuring the health, welfare and safety of children, reporting suspected misconduct as required by law


• Instructing math classes at the middle school level to include 6th grade math, Pre-algebra, Algebra





• Each Algebra I class is one hour of instructional time. Math is everyday according to the Instructional Calendar.


• Bachelor’s degree in a mathematics discipline (or related field of study)


• Introductory knowledge of Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy from the


following essays: “Three Instruments of Education”1 and “Children as ‘Persons’”2 • Strong written and verbal communication skills


• Solid business acumen, management, and problem-solving skills


• Basic computer literacy, including working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Apps


• Strong interpersonal, time management and organizational skills


• Participation in ASI’s teacher training program (provided by school, travel may be required)


• Free and clear results on federal and state background check

How to Apply

To be considered, please visit and complete the application.
Application Email: N/A
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Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.

Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.