Principal – San Angelo, TX

Principal – San Angelo, TX

Job Overview

Job Title: Principal
School: Ambleside Concho Valley
Hours: Full-Time
School Year: Currently Recruiting

School Details

School Name: Ambleside Concho Valley
Address: 207 N Main St, San Angelo, TX 76903
Contact Phone: 325.617.2146
Contact Email:


Ambleside Concho Valley is currently recruiting a new principal to join our team. Founded in 2003 as Ambleside School of San Angelo and reorganized in 2022, Ambleside Concho Valley (ACV) is located in a renovated historic building in downtown San Angelo, TX. This city of 118,000 was established in 1867 when the United States built Fort Concho, one of a series of new forts designed to protect the frontier. San Angelo sits at the junction of the North and South Concho Rivers. It has been given a 10-year designation as the Visual Arts Capitol of Texas signed by Governor Greg Abbott on June 14, 2021. ​


While we know San Angelo is committed to offering excellence in education, Ambleside Concho Valley is decidedly different. We are not simply a Christian school; we are a COMMUNITY. Our program offers a Christian, life-giving education following the philosophy and practice of Charlotte Mason (a British educational reformer) and is known for its rigor, with an emphasis on learning through ideas and the discipleship of virtuous Christian character. Our rich curriculum and extensive teacher training are provided by Ambleside Schools International. Students at Ambleside not only learn from great classical literature, rich history texts, science, music appreciation, art, nature study, Spanish, and math, but they also engage in life skills, such as quilting, changing tires, woodworking, gardening, and budgeting. Our goal for our students is to prepare them for their unique destiny whether it is achieved through a university degree, military service, the arts, or a trade. ​


Service, community outreach, and leadership are of high value at Ambleside, and as such, our students engage in various giving projects, a few being: working at the animal shelter, volunteering at the local soup kitchen, and assisting in nearby border communities where they serve meals to documented and undocumented immigrants, while practicing their Spanish skills. ​


Our school is for parents who seek a smaller teacher-student ratio, where all students enjoy the dynamics of a mature teacher and a beautiful and safe classroom. We at Ambleside Concho Valley join 25 Ambleside Member Schools worldwide to continue Charlotte Mason’s mission of discipling children who are not to be defined by weakness but considered unique, divinely created persons with vast, unknowable potential. ​


To succeed in this role, you should be able to make quick decisions under pressure and have a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum. Excellent communication and organizational abilities are also essential. ​


If you meet these requirements and you’re passionate about a leadership role in a Christian Liberal Arts education, we’d like to meet you. ​



  • Foster a community of joyful belonging where all persons are valued and seen as the Father sees them
  • Partner with parents in the work of student formation
  • Participate in a community of educators with healthy, God-honoring relationships
  • Oversee day-to-day school operations
  • Manage school logistics and budgets
  • Set learning goals for students and teachers based on ASI guidelines
  • Monitor and report on teacher performance
  • Present data from school performance to school board members
  • Constantly strive to achieve excellence in the classroom
  • Interview and hire school personnel
  • Review and implement school policies
  • Provide guidance and counseling to teachers
  • Handle emergencies and school crises
  • Organize school events and assemblies
  • Ensure a safe and clean environment for students
  • Attend Ambleside conferences and workshops to gain knowledge and understanding of ASI goals and values


  • Previous experience as a principal or in a similar role
  • Knowledge of school administrative processes and regulations (including the updating of student and employee records
  • Hands-on experience with prescribed word processing and financial record keeping
  • Attention to detail
  • Great presentation and communication skills
  • Crisis management
  • Ability to coach and inspire
  • A teaching license is preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in an academic subject from a liberal arts or sciences program.
  • Leadership experience in academic, workplace, or ministry setting.
  • Master’s degree is a plus

How to Apply

To request an application you may contact us as follows:
  • 325.617.2146
  • ​


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    Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.

    Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.