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Ambleside Schools Launches Expanded Effort to Bring its Homeschooling Mentor Program to More Families

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Amid growing and urgent demand from families for alternative educational models for their children, Ambleside Schools International has launched an expanded effort to bring its comprehensive homeschooling mentorship program to more families to train them in the Charlotte Mason philosophy and Ambleside Method. 


“There are an estimated 3.1 million homeschool students in this country, and many more students are leaving public and private schools each year,” noted Ambleside’s Director of Homeschooling Shannon Seiberlich. “Ambleside Homeschooling provides a rich and time-tested curriculum and the support of an experienced mentor to thoroughly equip families to educate their children at home or in collaboration with a group.” 


Ambleside Homeschooling this week launched a new, robust educator support site to help member families. Through its program, families receive access to a robust Ambleside Schools curriculum, expert training in the Ambleside Method, and experienced counsel in establishing a healthy, vibrant educational atmosphere at home. Weekly calls, monthly group sessions, and ongoing support train the home educator, so they gain the confidence needed to independently teach their children well with faithful, consistent practice.  


“Ultimately, our living education and Ambleside Method fosters joy in learning and provides tools for students to live well in all aspects of life,” continued Seiberlich. “Children naturally develop Christian character through a feast of curriculum rich in worthy ideas. They grow in relationship with God, self, and others. And they cultivate lifelong habits of attention and care. They give back to society, care for their families, love their neighbors, and build rich intellectual and spiritual lives. It is the only method that we believe educates with the whole child in mind.”  


Homeschooling parent Thania Wiechers said “Ambleside Homeschooling has changed the trajectory of the life of our family. Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education has exhorted us to be our best, and the Ambleside Method has given us the training to master its practice. Family conversations are enlivened as we tell of our newfound interests – together we name birds, wildflowers, and trees and discuss relationships we’ve earned with those historical figures, writers, and scientists we’ve read about. We are forever grateful.” 


Ambleside Schools International inspires, trains, and equips a global community of educators to provide a living education as described by Charlotte Mason for the renewal of Christian Education. Learn more about its unique homeschooling mentor program here: