Elementary School Instructor – Hartland, WI

Elementary School Instructor – Hartland, WI

Job Overview

Job Title: Elementary School Instructor
School: The Augustine Academy
Hours: See Job Description
School Year: 2024 - 2025

School Details

School Name: The Augustine Academy
Address: 1100 WI-83, Hartland, WI 53029
Contact Phone: 262.888.0046

Mission Statement

The Augustine Academy is an intentional educational community centered around the spiritual, moral, intellectual, and civic formation of children, partnering with parents to equip young people to thoughtfully engage the world. Our work is grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth that we were created to bring glory to God–in mind, heart, and affections–as we creatively join his redemptive work in the world.


Position Overview


A teacher at The Augustine Academy is first and foremost a lover of Jesus Christ, children and knowledge. Within this relational context, the Teacher is responsible to set and maintain a positive (high-joy), inspirational, and peacefully authoritative atmosphere in and out of the classroom. Every day the teacher is to instruct, expect, uphold, shepherd and specifically train students in “the habits of the good life” (students’ ways of relating to work and persons). Through ongoing training, regular observation and feedback, study and practice, the teacher is to become highly skilled in Charlotte Mason’s “method of a lesson” in classroom instruction. The Teacher is to master the breadth and depth of the curriculum, upholding a rigorous standard of quality and quantity of student-produced work. In a broad sense, the Teacher also represents the school in and out of the classroom and acts on behalf of the school by professionally and warmly interacting with all students, parents, teachers, staff and visitors. The Teacher reports to the Headmaster and/or other designated senior-level leadership staff.


  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience
  • Appreciation of children as persons made in the image of God and worthy of respect, generosity, and kindness—and proven ability for this appreciation to show itself in action
  • Comfortable and with proven ability to be in front of a classroom, coming alongside students in their growth
  • Ability to joyfully exercise authority in classroom and with students individually, and work peacefully and responsively under authority
  • A natural curiosity and quick-willingness to share it with others
  • Abiding joy that creates a consistently positive classroom atmosphere
  • A humble, teachable spirit, open to instruction and learning the “on-method” delivery and instruction
  • Thoughtful approach to personal spiritual life and commitment to The Augustine Academy Statement of Faith
  • Alignment with The Augustine Academy Mission Statement and willingness to uphold it
  • Cultivation of gospel-integration into every area of life, and in every subject taught
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Solid business acumen, management, and problem-solving skills
  • Basic computer literacy, including working knowledge of an email interface, Microsoft Office and Google Apps
  • Strong interpersonal, time management and organizational skills
  • Introductory knowledge of Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy from the following essays: “Three Instruments of Education” and “Children as ‘Persons’”
  • Participation in ASI’s teacher training program (provided by school, travel may be required)
  • Free and clear results on federal and state background check

How to Apply

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Ambleside® and the Ambleside Skylark™ are trademarks of Ambleside Schools International. All rights reserved.